About Ad Buyers Club...

In Ad Buyers Club, our team of YouTube ad buying and creative experts will mentor your in-house team to become pro level themselves.


We'll kick things off by working out a bespoke strategy together to create Master Ad Plan. We call this your MAP session. 


We will then set you up in a Pod which is essentially your own private space where you inherit your very own team of experts in ad buying and creative.


We will be here to help you craft high-converting creative and walk you through campaign builds together, as well as show you how to optimise and scale your account.


You'll get one-to-one zoom calls and loom videos back and forth. We want to give you as much support as you need so we'd don't put any limits on this!


We'll answer any questions you may have and be there to celebrate your wins and you help you through any challenges. 


You'll also be able to take part in the weekly group Q+As run by Tom, as well as gain access to our entire network of experts (and even some of their training too) and the tools we use that will save so much of your time. 


And the best thing? We get paid on results.

Which means...

No big upfront fees. 

No monthly retainers.


We only get paid when our mentoring works.


This means we are 100% aligned with your goals.  Our priority is to make sure you succeed, because that's the only way we're going to get paid. 

About Tom Breeze

As founder and CEO of Ad Buyers Club and YouTube ad agency Viewability, Tom Breeze oversees a daily ad spend of over $100,000.

Tom and his team at Viewability have cracked the formula for advertising on YouTube. Viewability is a performance-based agency, which means they only get paid when they get results. 

So when they say they’ve cracked the formula, they mean it. Because otherwise, they wouldn’t be working with and retaining some seriously impressive clients. 

With a Masters in psychology, Tom is an author and trainer, speaking at conferences all over the world. But his real passion lies in providing bespoke and tailored advice in ABC, to help businesses grow and scale. 

He is building an elite group of ad buyers, ensuring they have everything they need to dominate their marketplace. And if you want to be part of the club so you can do the same, then find out more now. You’ll be in great company. 

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